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“My Proven System WILL Simplify YOUR Life... and Let YOU Travel The World!"

Feel like you're trapped? Want to live somewhere else? Want a different job? Need a less stressful lifestyle?

You CAN live in the land of your dreams, doing the work you love, and enjoying life like never before. I've done it for years, and now I'm ready to show YOU how. Bookmark this site now, then keep reading.

From the desk of: Dr. Otto Weizman

Dear Friend,

I'm Dr. Otto Weizman, international business man and lifelong traveler. I used to be like you, over worked, stressed, and wishing I could get away from it all.

The only difference is my job let me travel all over the world. I saw just about every country, every continent, every culture, and every natural wonder you can imagine. Yet I wasn't satisfied.

The constant crush of daily life and non-stop business demands kept me from enjoying my experiences. Then one day it hit me, "Why not DELETE THE STRESS from my life? Why not LIVE permanently in the land of my dreams?"

It was an interesting problem, and one I KNEW THE ANSWER TO. You see, during all those years of travel, I had learned the ins and outs, the insider tricks, and the little known techniques of living VERY SUCCESSFULLY ANYWHERE.

* I'll show you how to get the work you desire anywhere in the world!

* Learn how to instantly STOP THE STRESS that is haunting your life!

* Find out how YOU can stay in touch from anywhere -- even from a remote desert island -- while completely maintaining your quiet privacy!

You will learn all this and MUCH MORE in my ebook:

"Simplify Your Life! Secrets for Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere."

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and begin to simplify your life and gain the freedom to travel today.
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There are lots of business opportunities, advice gurus, and even employers who will promise you a life of leisure anywhere you wish. Usually their ideas are based on you earning a LOT of money.

But having money doesn't necessarily reduce your stress. There are many people making a lot of money and living in an idyllic location who would admit they're still under stress.

That's why the golden concepts in "Simplify Your Life" are absolutely vital to reducing your stress and giving you the life you dream of.

Don't put off reading this important book. The ideas inside could change your life forever.

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and begin to simplify your life and gain the freedom to travel today.
Currently available for Windows PCs only.

Let me ask you some questions?

  • Are you just longing to get away regularly, even if you don’t want to re-locate?
  • Do you want more freedom in these days when it appears you continually have less?
  • Can you imagine a stress-free existence?
  • Do you have the feeling of an invasion of privacy for whatever reason?
  • Do you want to live wherever you wish?
  • Are you currently unable to work from your chosen location due to travel restrictions?
  • Are you fed up with bad weather or just need a regular change? A change of surroundings is like a vacation to most people, even if you are still working while you are away.
  • Are you single, divorced or just wanting to be flexible enough to free yourself from the routine?
  • Are you self-employed, running a web-business or working mostly via fax and email?
  • Do you work for a company but feel trapped?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes,” keep reading! I’m about to open an entirely new world to you!

Pick Your Own Palm Tree

With all the communication methods available around the world today, you really CAN live and work anywhere you want. You CAN gain your personal freedom. You CAN have the freedom to travel. You CAN simplify life to the point of it being a true joy instead of a miserable, hectic routine.

Like beaches? Then pick a palm tree… any palm tree… and call it home. Rather go to the mountains? Austria? Colorado? How about Paris or Bangkok? The choice is yours.

“I travel extensively and I did not think that it would be possible to conduct my business internationally without a network of offices.  This book offers a solution.  An extremely useful guide with many insightful tips that I intend to study.”

Dr. Philipp Buse,
International Lawyer
New York, NY USA

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of “functional travel” where you can visit, live or work anywhere you want and still maintain your personal relationships and business.

It’s called “Simplify Your Life! Secrets for Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere” and it offers you everything you need to know to upgrade your life to the one you’ve always wanted.

I’ll personally show you all the tools and tips I use on a daily basis to travel the globe. You’ll discover:

  1. Organisation and Getting Started – How to lay a foundation for your new adventures and how to make the necessary arrangements so that your personal freedom isn’t hindered while you’re “globe trotting.”
  2. Image and phones – Running a business? These insider tips will help you maintain (or even improve) your image in your clients’ eyes.
  3. Communication – Keeping in touch is a breeze! Email, fax, phone… there is specific information you need to know (depending on which country you choose to travel in). Once you know how to make the necessary arrangements, you’ll have the freedom to travel at will!
  4. Working Overseas – I’ll show you exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) when planning a trip overseas. Without this information, you could very well have a disaster on your hands.
  5. Location - Which palm tree do you pick? While the choices are endless, there are some specific decisions that have to be made in order for your travels to be a success.
  6. Tools & Laptop – What should you take? What should you leave at home? Are the computer connections different? Will your ISP work over “there?” Find out before you leave.
  7. Passport & Visas – How do you get one? Do you even need one? What type of paperwork is involved? How long before you can enter the country of your choice? Do you have to pay taxes in the country you visit? Get tips and information from a seasoned pro!
  8. Where To Stay – Home exchanges, furnished rentals, storage of your things and more! Get the inside information on where to stay when you’re traveling abroad.
  9. Travel Tips – How to make the actual journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Again based on my personal experience, this includes my guide to the 13 items that you should take onboard an aircraft.
  10. Legal, Newsletters & other sources of information – Who is Harry Schultz and what does he have to do with your personal freedom? Find out about his highly sought after financial insights and how they can truly simplify your life.

“I guess we're all too busy and our life has become too complicated. It is high time for a book that can guide us out of our daily battlefield filled with mails, calls, papers and meetings. The idea to come up with information around that topic in electronic manner is brilliant. Following the simpler lifestyle as suggested therein is definitely healthier for anybody. Very useful reading indeed.”

- Prof. Dr.iur. Christian Dierks,
Medical Doctor and Lawyer, Berlin,


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Updated and expanded

"Simplify Your Life! Secrets for Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere" has now been expanded. The first edition of this book has been completely re-edited and it now contains even more valuable information and tips.


Several of the strategies, including at least 5 of the technical solutions that I recommended to freedom seekers in the first edition have since been credited with Industry Awards. I only recommend what I have personally tested and what consistently works for a frequent traveler like myself.

Hundreds of links in the book keep you in touch with information that is kept updated automatically via the Internet.

In addition to all the quality, tested and proven information you’ll receive in “Simplify Your Life! Secrets for Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere” you’ll also receive four outstanding bonuses.

FREE Bonus #1 – For a limited time I am going to give you a free copy of Volume II, "How to Find & Plan Your Work Overseas". This details how to go about finding that elusive overseas job, tips to follow and things that you must avoid. This is a great bonus for people unsure of what work to undertake overseas or those who are actively seeking employment. This is such a useful resource that it could be sold as a separate book. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about working abroad and now you can profit from my countless years of experience living and working overseas. How do you put a price on finding that dream job abroad? Valued at $97.

FREE Bonus #2 – A collection of 24 reverse time zone charts. Unlike most time zone charts, this collection lets you select the working hours of your customers (or waking hours of your friends and family) in relation to the current time zone you’re in. You’ll be able to quickly and easily decide when is the right time to be under that palm-tree with your laptop and when is the right time for play. A $50 value.

FREE Bonus #3 – A free upgrade to our 3rd edition which is now in the planning stage. How much is an upgrade worth to you? How much would Microsoft charge you? Here it's free.

FREE Bonus #4 – Updated information to help you simplify life. You’ll receive new, innovative tips via access to a member web site. This will keep you on top of any major changes, including responses that we incorporate from other members.

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and begin to simplify your life and gain the freedom to travel today.
Currently available for Windows PCs only.

Get our 100% money-back guarantee when you download - Simplify Your Life! Secrets for Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere.

Your purchase is completely risk-free.

Each and every copy of “Simplify Your Life! Secrets for Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere” is backed by my personal, 12-month, 100% money back guarantee.

There are so many scams on the Internet, so how can you be sure that this guarantee is genuine?

Let me explain:

The company that processes the credit card transactions,, withholds a portion of the funds from every sale and from all of their merchants. This merchant 'reserve' or 'insurance' is used to uphold any guarantees, even if the merchant should disappear.

Merchants will lose their merchant account if they refuse to refund sales and the reserve funds have to be used. You can now see why I have a great motivation to uphold my promise.

Furthermore, the BIB Better Internet Bureau would withdraw the right to display their seal at the foot of this page if they received customer complaints.

So you can rest assured that this guarantee is 100% genuine. (In fact very few people ever ask for a refund, which must prove that this offer is good value for money.)

The benefits you’ll receive from this step-by-step plan to simplify your life are invaluable. After all, how do you place a price living the life you’ve always wanted? After doing some research to find similar products, I found there were none. Nothing – not even a collection of similar information on how to simplify life, gain personal freedom and have the freedom to travel. That left me puzzled about what to charge.

Travel consultants would charge $300, $400, $500 or more to research this information for you – and they still wouldn’t be able to find it all. Personal Coaches would cost several hundred dollars to help you create a plan to simplify life.

I knew for a fact that single people, married couples without children and small business owners would not have unlimited resources, so I tried to make the book as affordable as possible. So I decided not to charge an outrageous fee.

For only $67 US you can have the complete outline of how to simplify life, how to unleash your personal freedom and how gain the freedom to travel whenever – and to wherever – you want. Plus you’ll get access to the member web site with updated information, the collection of 24 reverse time zone charts AND for a limited period, a free copy of Volume II.

For a limited time and to help more people gain their personal freedom, I'm going to give you a special deal. If you order by midnight on then I will let you have Volumes I and II – plus the bonuses – for only $39 US. At any time after this date, I reserve the right to revert to the normal price, so grab your copy while the offer lasts.

You can start gaining your personal freedom right now... even if you are reading this page in the middle of the night!

What are you waiting for? Don’t keep your life on hold forever. Don’t keep adding more and more to your “one day” list without ever marking any items off. As soon as you download this book, you can begin to simplify life, take control of your personal freedom and gain the freedom to travel.

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and begin to simplify your life and gain the freedom to travel today.
Currently available for Windows PCs only.

– Remember that this is a limited offer and I am planning to revert to the normal price of $67 US soon. However, you can gain all of this – if you purchase it today – for an incredibly low $39. That includes exclusive access to the member web site, the collection of 24 reverse time zone charts AND for the introductory period, Volume II on how to find the work abroad that you have been seeking, plus a free upgrade to the next edition.
This is a limited offer for “Simplify Your Life! Secrets for Gaining the Personal Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere". Act now and save $28.00!

P.P.S. – Don’t forget… this purchase is tax deductible. If you plan to use this information to conduct business, you can write 100% of the cost off your taxes. There’s no time like the present! You can keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting what you’ve always gotten, or you can finally gain your personal freedom!

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