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VPBunkers is your dedicated partner for all your Fuel requirements 24/7/365 all around the world

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VPBunkers is an international Broking/Trading company established in 2010 dealing with petroleum products.

Our main objective is to provide our first class customers with the best Services and Quality products to their Fuel and Lubricant requirements. Thanks to our worldwide network of experimented contacts, we are able to supply Fuels ( all grades of Marine Fuels) and Lubricants to our valued international clients (Ship-owners, Operators, Managers,...).

Our dedicated team, more than 20 years experiences had gained respect and good reputation within the industry year after year. Our efficiency and professionalism will prove to you that working with us will provide added value to your business.

We constantly strive:

  • To give prompt feedback to our customers’ requirements
  • To ensure high quality of services and products according to their requirements as well as to the International Specifications (ISO Specifications & Marpol Compliance)
  • To provide our customers with the most competitive prices
  • To limit their delivery risks exposure
  • To mitigate all claims that may arise

Our mission is to serve our customers and to maintain a professional and long term relationship!


Bank partners

VP Bunkers strive for excellence ? work with First class banks ? Drastic compliance, = quality,transparancy, … anti bribery,… Working with hardest compliance bank,… implement quality procedures,… ?

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